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I had "custom wavefront lasik" last fall due to vision and astigmatism...I was around 20/400 before. I never had a huge problem shooting before, but I noticed a definate improvement with the surgery. Things were not quite clear with contacts/glasses before ( alittle fuzziness around the sights/target at times) and now its about as close to perfect as I can hope for. Just my experience.

My qualification scores improved alittle, but the clarity makes shooting a bit easier.

Also, I remember from speaking with my Dr who did the procedure, that there are various options. I was told I was at the high end of the age group to where they corrected both eyes to as close to 20/20 as they could (resulting in 20/20 in one, and 20/15 in the other). Depending on age and other factors you may have different options available to you. I would discuss the various activities you enjoy with your Dr, and discuss the options.

The only thing that lasik did not help... I used to wear extended wear contacts, and over the years I got some small "floaties" in the periphial of my vision. I still have them, and there is nothing I know of to correct for that.

All in all I am happy with the procedure.
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