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PRK eye correction and shooting

I have worn glasses for about 25 year now and I'm started to get anoyed by them, especially when qualifying on the M16 with gas mask inserts. I know a few people who have had PRK surgery to correct the're vision most were happy and one after a year says he sees "halos" from light sources. No one I know who has had vision correction surgery are avid shooters.

I am wondering if anyone here in the shooting ocmunity has had the're vision corrected and if you were happy with it. I supose what I am worried about is even though my glasses are an anoyance I am used to it and I know what my vision is like with glasses. It would be nice to buy some shooting glasses without having to have them fit over my normal glasses but would be less than ideal if i ended up with worse close up vision or some kind of complication like that.

I suppose I could have asked this is far fewer words so I"ll just ask plainly again, has anyone here gotten there vission corrected and are you happy with the results? Thanks for any info you guy/gals can give me.
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