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Pistols/smistols, why in the world didn't at least one man rush the guy? A whole theater of cowards! Really! I thought American men had learned something on 911. I guess not. I'm ashamed.

In CHL and HD classes it is emphasized over and over that you must have the proper mindset or you shouldn't carry. You are coached over and over about the risks of entering an armed conflict - that you yourself could die, so think ahead about when you would make a choice to fight instead of retreat... That choice and mindset should not be attached to the pistol! If it is, quit carrying.

Many years ago my wife and I discussed our response to something like this. (Kids are raised and each of us can be self sufficient.) I would attack and she would help others. If there were no others to help then we would both attack. The more there are attacking then the better the odds of stopping the aggression. If several men my age had immediately rushed this guy, I can't imagine that he would not have been stopped quickly.

Am I mentally prepared to rush straight into a barrel? I think so. Once a neighbor child rode her training bike into the street when a car was coming. The driver was yacking and totally oblivious to the child. I knew I could make it to, grab, and shield the child, but not get out of the way. My feet were like lead; it took all my strength to make them move. Time just slowed. I got to the child, grabbed her to my chest with my back to the car, waited for what seemed like 10 or more seconds (but was more like 2), and then the car screeched just a very little as the lady swerved around us. I guess my motion caught her attention.

My point is that I didn't rush a car on instinct. My wife and I not only had our son but many foster kids and other kids we "helped". Some of the situations with the kids were not without risk. We had had more than one talked about just how far we were willing to go to protect someone "not our own". When the neighbor girl rolled in front of the car, my action wasn't something I had to think through - it was just acting on a decision already made.

Guys, especially single guys and empty nesters like me, I encourage you to think what you would do - and hopefully there will be some that will decide as my wife and I have decided.

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