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Originally Posted by shaunpain
Oh, and not to mention the cacophony of screaming and getting kicked, punched and trampled by a herd of terrified people.
Right, not all the injuries were due to bullet wounds, I have heard reported.

Indeed, there may have been CCW's in the auditorium who exercised the "better part of valor" and decided to tactically retreat, protecting selves and family before making a tactically questionable engagement with a superior (equipped) force.

We may even yet find out that someone DID return fire (perhaps ineffectively) and has not come forward (for any reason you may speculate). We simply do not know. I expect that forensics technicians will be digging bullets out of the walls, people and clothing for weeks to come.

When I have carried, I have possessed fewer than 20 rounds, at most. Most often, 5 or 10 (SP101 with a speed loader, or second SP). My track record on target with hasty shots with the SP is not impressive at anything more than 10 yards and an aimed shot in a tear gas environment with confusion, low visibility and innocent bystanders running helter-skelter. No, discretion is the better part of valor.

My concealed carry is for the much more likely situation of a lone mugger/carjacker who will get my cash wallet LONG before one of my bullets.

Having said that, I will admit to taking my carry piece to a company picnic because of an unapprehended, armed kidnapper/carjacker in the area. When I saw the layout of the picnic area I left the piece in my car (no clear approaches to the area), but I did keep an eye on the perimeter.

You plan your tactics for the threat(s) most likely, then adapt as necessary.

Originally Posted by Neal_G.
I don't suit up for combat when I leave the house. I'm not changing my carry choice because one nutball inflicted a massacre on one day, in one movie theatre, in one town, within one state, of the 50 states that make up the US...
Sorry, Neal, it has happened more often than your post seems to suppose, and not all of them hit the news (especially not the ones that are successfully thwarted by CCW's or unarmed people who simply intervene with words or physically).

But I do agree with your sentiment
Originally Posted by Neal_G.
For the threats I see in my general location, which are mostly robbery, car-jacking, etc, my Glock 26 will work just fine. If I for some reason think I have to prepare to go to-to-toe with mass murderers or a team of them in a Mumbai style attack, I might as well just not go outside. Thats not exactly 'living'.
One prepares for the likely. When confronted with the unimagined, you assess and respond in the way that best ensures the accomplishment of your mission.... For most of us, that is to protect family and self.

There has been a lot of speculation about what would have been effective or successful to stop this massacre. The last I heard was that he wore body armor for his head, groin and legs as well as torso, which would have been disguised by his costume, the dark and the smoke/gas. I presume he might have used the exit door's curtains for concealment, also. Not the best recommendation for return fire. Speculation about what any of us WOULD have done is fed by a LOT of missing (assumed) information.

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