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I do not by any means claim extensive expertise on the subject of Ruger flat top .44's, that said I have owned two, both acquired brand new. The first was #22362, bought by me in 1960. That gun was ordered by me thru a dealer with the fairly rare 7.5 inch bbl........ in 1963 I got screwed out of that gun by an unsavory dealer, and as I was in the military I had to have my father deal with that character which resulted in it's replacement with a 6.5 version numbered only 150 different than yours. As I said, both were NIB when I got them and I still own the second. Only God knows how many rounds have been thru that piece, but it's a real keeper, tho I'd still jump on old #362 if I came upon it!~

To the best of my knowledge production of the FT versions ceased in 1962, further, I saw ONLY one 7.5 that was factory original and I owned that one. I recall seeing a 10" factory version in or around 1957, but the vast majority were 6.5' Ruger WOULD rebarrel with a longer tube and that's exactly what I had done with my second gun. I know of no shorter versions of that model ever offered by Ruger. I suppose it's possible as they did offer several engraved versions with stag grips on certain models, but I never saw one.

I agree with the posters hereon that state the nickle/chrome finish on your gun is not factory.......surely it's not factory from that era by simply looking at the polish with slightly dished screw holes and rather ill fitting grips and what appears to be an overly polished grip frame.

All that crap aside, of all the Rugers I have handled and shot over 50 plus years the original FT's are at the top of the heap and I believe that if nothing else you'll find you have a real shooter.

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