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Eotech 512 vs. Aimpoint Micro 2MOA range test

It was my first day at the range with my VTAC M&P 15 with an Aimpoint Micro, and my friend had a new M&P 15OR with an Eotech 512. First of all hats off to S&W, because both of our AR’s functioned flawlessly. Maybe this wasn’t a fair optic comparison (meaning not with an Eotech XPS), but it’s what I had to work with.

My observation was that I really liked both optics…a lot! The biggest thing that I noticed with the Eotech was CQB target acquisition seemed like it might be a bit quicker. Maybe a combination of the 65MOA outer ring, and the sight picture being like a wide screen TV. But I did prefer that the Aimpoint was easier for target shooting (at least for me) with the single red dot. Also the LED on the Aimpoint seemed to be a cleaner dot (not pixilated) than the holograph in the Eotech. Another big selling point for me on the Aimpoint was its light weight. My VTAC was a tad heavier than the OR due to the VTAC free floating handguard, so it was nice having a lighter optic.

As said before, these are both high quality optics and it really boils down to user preference.

Next weekend I will do a comparison again, but at an outdoor range. Depending on which range we go to, it will either be a 105 or 200 yarder to test them.
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