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The "other rifle" seems t obe a 1893 Spanish mauser.

And judging by the date, the Swede is a M38. Early M38s had straight bolt handle; but judging from the date on yours, it should be bent. If not, check to see if the numbers on the bolt and receiver match. If the numbers match, then disregard the last sentence

The brass disk has marking that tell the condition of the bore.

It's been a while since I priced Swedish Mausers. At one time I owned 4: 2 M96s, M38, and Sporterized M96. I'm now down to 2 as I sold one 96 and the M38 (to buy a Kar98k.) The M38 was a Husqy with all matching numbers and great wood, I sold it about 3 years ago for around $350.

Hope this helps
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