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I just think the days are gone.....where it was almost automatic....when someone asked about a good "defensive" weapon...that a shotgun was the first thing to come to mind...

There are just a lot of other options out there today - in a variety of handguns...semi-autos and revolvers...that a person of petite size --- or maybe limited hand strength ---or limited mobility --- might find are way better options. Shotguns have their defense...etc../ and if they ask about them sure...( but assuming that everyone is built like me ( more of a petite Buffalo ..??) - and can handle a 12ga fixed breech gun ) is a big leap / and something I see too often at my local range ...turn out to be a really bad idea for a petite lady or even a slightly build young man to shoot.

Just last week - at my local range...guy brings his fiance in to shoot his 12ga pump gun / with slugs in it. She pulled the trigger twice --- and she was done with it. She was still laughing ...but she clearly wanted to shoot other weapons.../ so he at least went to the rental case - and got her a couple of smaller framed 9mm's to shoot a little. Even his skill with the 12ga...lacked a lot of finesse....and with a target beyond 12 feet...he wasn't hitting a silhouette sized target either ...( mostly because of recoil / and how he shouldered the gun ) of the range masters tried to get him squared away ...but at that point his ego got in the way. It was another example of a 12ga tactical pump gun my opinion, that was a complete waste of money.

This guys fiancee at my local range....settled on a S&W revolver ...a S&W model 66 in a 4" barrel ...with .38 spl ammo in it her favorite gun that day ( and if the guy is smart --- he'll listen to her / and buy her one ) !
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