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Could Use Some Advice

I'm trying to plan a home defense protocol. I understand that one scenario isn't enough, but this one poses a difficulty for me.

My bedroom has two adjacent rooms... If I go out my bedroom doorway and turn left, there is a living room, if I go out and turn right, there is an office room. I can't clear one room without worrying about someone coming up on me from the other room. But since the office to my right is the smaller of the two and I can see pretty much everything in it with a single glance... and it is the furthest from the front door, so the least likely of the two rooms for an intruder to be in first, I pick that room to be cleared first.

As I see it, if I go for that room first and it is empty, then I have lucked out and I should take the territory, going into the room for cover... then think about clearing the living room. But if it isn't empty... then what?

The only thing that makes sense to me is to shoot dead anyone I don't know in that room. I can't stand outside the doorway to the office and have a discussion about dropping to your knees or lying face-down on the floor... or anything like that because there might be someone in the living room who has just found out that I am there... and might be coming up from behind. I have to get inside that office immediately and the only way I can figure out how to do that and be able to turn around without worrying about the intruder is to shoot him immediately...un-armed or not (people carry guns where you can't seem them sometimes).

Anyone have an alternative of any sort?
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