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Ruger Blackhawk Flattop 44 magnum Chromed

I bought this gun at an auction last month. I have two appraisal responses from paid services and a number of personal responses (posts) on a couple of gun oriented websites The Pros point out that the Chrome plating does affect the value of the gun, but it may or may not affect the "buyer's desire".

The private comments from the guys on the Ruger owners and Ruger collectors sites are mixed. Most put the value at $600-$900 with the chrome being a negative impact. The Pros assign a value of $1200-$1600 for aftermarket chrome, and $1800-$2000 if we can show that Ruger chromed the gun before selling it.

So here it is. Blackhawk serial # 29725, 4 and 5/8th inch barrel, John Wayne graphics lasered into the Pearl/Faux-Pearl grips. It has been fired but shows NO wear anywhere. I need to know if the gun was 'Special Finished' at the Ruger Factory, or was it sold and the Chrome-plating done as a special order aftermarket upgrade?

two more photos below.
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