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review: TAPCO stock for Ruger 10/22

Pics below. I wanted a collapsible stock for my li'l 10/22 so I nosed around and came up with this one. I'm happy with it and have some comments.

1)It's light. The original stock seemed bulkier than it needed to be. This one is trim.

2)It comes in everyone's favorite three tactical flavors: black, OD green, and tan. I got the green for no particular reason.

3)It has a built-in top and bottom rail. You can see from the picture that it comes with a sleeve/cover for the bottom rail which is easily removable. It has enough room to hang a vertical grip and light/LASER in tandem.

4)The butt is easy to slide but does have a little bit of wiggle in it. If I cared about it I'm sure it could be firmed up with a little tape or even a coat of black or clear spray paint on the tube. It comes with two tubes: one straight and one angled downward with the idea that if you're going to stick with iron sights you'll want the lower option, higher butt if you're using optics. The butt tube is in there FIRMLY and will take some cussing and finagling to get it back out to switch.

5)Putting it together took about five minutes total. If fits well and doesn't interfere with function.

I'm happy with the purchase. If you're looking to turn your 10/22 into a 1000 yard sniper rifle this might not be your best option but if your rifle is a plinker like mine and you want something adjustable to hang fun accessories off of I think this one will fit the bill
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