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ISSF, which some of us oldtimers still call ISU, is not real common in the USA.
I don't call 10 metre (air rifle), 50 metre (.22), or even 300 metre (centerfire OFFHAND) "long range".
Likewise ISSF running target, while challenging, is not at great range (10 metre air rifle, 50 metre .22. Apparently the 100 metre centerfire running deer is long gone.) and is not often shot in the USA.

Benchrest shooting is done here and there but the standard is at 100, 200, and 300 yards. There is long range benchrest if you can find it in your area.

Fullbore is an international event supported by NRA.

Highpower is probably the most common.

F-class was designed for us codgers in Canada but has spread widely in USA.

Palma is shot at 800, 900, and 1000 yards with a .308 iron sighted rifle with sling. Regular matches are not uncommon, the big international Palma matches between the USA and the Commonwealth are held ever 4 years. You have to be sharp to make the team.

Actually, what I have seen in my modest experience is a generic midrange (200-600 yard) or long range (800-1000 yard, sometimes 1200) slowfire match with several different rifles represented on the firing line. Including Service Rifle, Match Rifle, Any Rifle, Palma Rifle, and F class divided into F-T/R and F-Open. The F class gets its own target, half as big as the others because of the use of artificial support. But everything is shot concurrently with the same time limits.

Rules for the different events are shown at

And if you scout around there, or call a live representative, you can find out what is shot in your area.
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