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Flawed MSNBC Report and YouTube Content

It appears MSNBC and the Australians are now perusing YouTube to retrieve user generated content and include with their newscasts.

[Sarcasm On]
Several important facts I learned tonight:

1. Single shot bolt action .50 caliber rifles are the weapons of choice for the Mexican cartels.
2. Single shot bolt action .50 caliber rifles can take down a helicopter. And I thought it was hard enough to hit a clay pigeon with a shotgun. It appears we should have equipped our troops all with single shot rifles instead of the Ma Deuce, think of the ammo savings alone at a $1 a bullet!
[/Sarcasm Off]

It truly boggles the mind that this level of slanted reporting is available. They claim to perform online gun sales without background checks when really it is a FTF sale with the internet being the equivalent of the old classifieds in the newspaper.

The most ironic thing is they want to tread on our individual rights to privacy etc. but then appropriate private video content and hide using the Fair Use doctrine for a content purpose that is completely contrary to the intended video purpose. A perfect example of this is a gentlemen shooting a Glock in his backyard in TN, what does this have to do with Gun Control in Australia?
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