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AA 2200 in an M1???

I still have a couple 8# jugs of AA 2200 I bought on the cheap at the Tulsa Gunshow a number of years back. Have loaded up .223 using it wiht pretty decent functionality results. It's kinda dirty, but it's cheap. I still have the little pamphlet of some of the early loadings AA suggested for it's use, and the 30-06 was not listed at that time. I have googled and haven't found an updated load chart yet for that caliber. The powder is really on the fast side, and prolly a bit too fast the the M1, but they have loads for the 7.62X39 also. I know the X39 is an anemic loading compared to the '06 loads for the M1, but just wondering if anyone has tried it or knows of published load recommendations for the M1 using this powder.


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