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^Lmao...Im learning. Like I said, Im hip on US service stuff, but I just kept hearing from guys at shows that I brought the rifle to, They just said, "Nahh..I wont give no more that $200 for that" I would NEVER let a real piece of history go for that cheap so ive held on to it.

Glad I did, with all your help. I have had some DAMN good offers so far. Im really just looking to either trade up for something modern or sell it and buy something. I have had a love affair with a sig 552/6 since I played with one awhile ago. A few of the offers I have had will allow me to do that.

You guys are the best. I mean it. Thanks again! If any guys here know of "mauser guys" that would like this for thier collection, let them know this one is available.

Thanks guys. I hope someday I can return the favor!
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