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I needed a safe for simple child-proofing and thief "slowing-down". The wife would not entertain me welding a small safe to the bedframe.

I didn't feel like spending $200 so I bought one of these:

It fits perfectly in my nightstand. It is bolted through the drawer to an aluminum plate on the bottom-side of the drawer. The alumimum plate is secured to the frame of the nightstand to a couple eye-bolts and a cable. The thief will have to spend a few minutes completely destroying the night-stand (and then still have to take the entire drawer with him). This is as good as I'm willing to do and still have immediate access.

I've painted the keypad parts with flourescent paint so I can see them in the dark. I've added "touch up safe paint" to my yearly list of household chores that I do every Thanksgiving morning...
excersize all the laundry-room/bathroom valves,
clean all sink/shower drains,
crawl under house and through attic for inspection,
inspect fireplace,
remove AC condensor covers and clean,
test smoke alarms (replace batteries on even-numbered years)
... and a few more things.

I open/close that safe 2-3 times per day getting my carry piece in/out. It holds a Keltec PF9 +1 mag and a G17 +2mags just fine.
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