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I had hoped to see well reasoned responses like have been made. Besides the one for which I provided a link, there is another guy with a similar video on youtube showing how an 870 can be ghost loaded. The idea interested me and I have little doubt that it will persuade others to utilize the technique WHICH THE CONSENSUS HERE SEEMS TO BE IT IS A BAD IDEA.

There is a some older threads on SGW re ghost loading an 870, and some posters report that it works while others were unable to do it. Most agreed that if you could ghost load your 870 it was a bad idea for a defense gun, since you could end up having jammed it up at a critical time. Most posters seem to have been unable to glose the bolt when attempting a ghost load. I am one of them and my 870 is less than 2 years old. It isn't clear, but I believe it may be more difficult to gl an 870 equipped with a flex tab.

Hopefully, this thread helps to serve one of the purposes for which I raised the issue, which it to warn anyone doing a rudimentary google of the risk of ghost loading the 870.
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