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Gatling info updates / corrections

Good Day-
I saw this thread and thought I would respond . . . although I too question Julia Kellers stories as being 100% accurate, I do know a bit about these and I'm impressed that many of her citations I can attest to.

Re other comments on this thread:

Yes, the War Wagon was an original Gatling, but not the same as Rooster Cogburns. Slow down the movies and note that COgburn's has a different front sight, and that there is a round bar soldered to the hopper in order to keep the magazines from falling out of the gun when the high angle shooting was done from the raft along the river. The Stembridge Co provided most of the weapons for the movies in those days, and through the Dirty Harry movies as well.

FYI, Rooster Cogburn's is indeed a model 1890, serial number 517. ( I am the happy owner of #513) Before I owned 513, it was in Rough Riders, Tremors 4, American Outlaw, and one or two others I can't recall at the moment . . . . and yes, if they are not taken care of, the black powder blanks can corrode the barrels. I shoot mine regularly with live rounds (handloaded by me only) and it works flawlessly. We regularly saw telephone poles in half with it (old ones we've salvaged from the power company of course ;-)
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