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Would it help?

Would more gun control laws help? Have they stopped one crime yet? The answer is NO but anyone reading TFL already knew that answer. What is needed is the CCW law to change and be something like this ( if you have a conceal carry permit, (CCP), you must have your gun with you at all times. All ex-military, off duty, and retired police officers must carry a weapon at all times.) I would bet in that movie building that night someone would have had a gun and could have stopped or slowed the killing of those helpless people had the law for guns been something like what I stated above. I know someone will say that any CCW, pistol, would not have stopped him since he had on a vest. No, it would not have, unless you got in a head shot but it would have still hurt bad and could very well have slowed that coward down. He more likely would have ran had anyone shot back or at the lest he would have gone for cover. Anything of that nature would have saved lives. We need more people who are willing to learn to use a gun the right way and practice so they can intervene if such action where needed again in the future.
Passing laws has never stopped a crime. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens only leave us all defenceless not only to criminals but to government oppression. Yes, it could happen here just like it happens everytime the people lose all power to defend themselves. Do not be fooled and think that could never happen here, that is what the Jews said in 1930's Germany.
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