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So it's the magazines fault this guy committed mulitple murders? Would it have been better if he had four 30 round mags, and took a second to reload?

Reports are that the 100 rd drum mag caused the AR to jam, so he had to use his Glocks, and shotgun.

I don't understand why the tool in any configuration is being blamed.
Do I really need to explain why a 100 round drum magazine would make it far easier to shoot large numbers of people in a short amount of time?

Is it really necessary for 100 round magazines to be legal, knowing that its inevitable someone is going to come along and use them for this purpose, considering they have no other useful purpose? Yeah I get they arent very reliable or effective, but thats kind of irrelevant when people look at the possible intended uses of them and wonder why they are legal.

These excesses discredit those of us who enjoy firearms without adopting some rigid ideological position on all gun control that defies common sense and human decency.
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