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Its my understanding the gunman used a 100 round drum magazine. If so the NRA is rightly going to get hammered over this.

This is why I gave up my NRA membership long ago, their extremism and complete and total inflexibility is actually doing more harm than good in the long run. They give reponsible gun owners a bad name.
The funny thing is, the NRA tried going the "reasonable" route for decades and the result was the passage of progressively more restrictive gun control measures. Eventually, the NRA came to the realization that the ultimate goal of the gun-banners was a total ban of all firearms and that no level of flexibility, appeasment, or "common sense" would ever satisfy them. The anti's strategy all along has been one of "one piece at a time" and "divide and conquer". By systematicallty singling out small groups of weapons and gun owners, the anti's hope to eventually dwindle down the number of gun owners until they're too small a minority to stop a total ban.
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