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It is odd how they never publicly ask how this might have gone had a concealed weapon carrier or two had been there... It might be that they were in the right place at the right time or not...
The guy was wearing armor. Looks like he'd prepared for the eventuality of someone being armed in the theater. I tend to doubt my ability to stand up to a guy with an AR-15 and body armor when all I got is a concealed handgun. Oh and the smoke probably wouldn't help my aim.

Four guns, a few thousand rounds of ammo, some magazines and some unrelated junk makes an "arsenal" in the eyes of the newsies
To be fair there are posts on this forum that describe a small amount of firearms as an "arsenal" or even an armory.

why wouldn't we want to fund mental health initiatives rather than just remove guns from the equation? That's not going to fix the underlying problem.
Because people who tend to oppose gun control are even more against funding any kind of health care.

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