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Were all on board against more gun controll that im very sure of. I will though, second the guy who said in not so many words if any business or public place wants to have a "gun free" zone then it should be law that they provide at least a set measure of security and armed personell as well as meet certain building codes pertaining to entrance and exits and fire. I think that was a very good point. Where i live all emergency exits ive seen have alarms that sound once opened and the doors to these are flat on the outside with no knobs or handles to grab and they open to the outside this is building code here. If theyre going to tell the public no guns allowed in any place then they need to start meeting some security requirements to go along with it not just put up a sign. The anti gun people will still push for more gun laws shooting or not its just when there is one they all show up using it as a tool to push their agenda which i think is sad. I personally hope the brady centers as well as anti- gun politics in general will eventually be stamped out for good in this country and fade into distant memory but i suspect that might never happen.
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