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Kind of depends on what I'm hunting. Age and COPD doesn't allow for a whole lot of walking in the mountains.

For Antelope I find a spot where the cross from their bedding grounds to where they feed on hay fields.

I set up right in the middle of it, fix coffee with my little MSR WhisperLite stove and wait. I might have to move around a bit to get a shot within range, but not much.

Last year I was home with my buck within an hour and a half of starting my hunt but I rather set up my little tent and spend the night, gazing at stars and listening to coyotes.

Elk is different. I use a horse and ride along ridges giving me views of medows. The horse makes it handy for an old man to pack the critter out.

One of the best elk hunts I had was setting in camp doing nothing but drinking coffee and watching my granddaughter build snowmen.

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