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Originally Posted by jrp
However, I must say that I don't like the QLA muzzle. I found it harder to load than a standard barrel. With my Lyman Trade Rifle, I can exert maximum force with the stubby end of the short starter to initially get the ball seated. With QLA, I can't use the stubby end to seat the ball. Because of that I found I had to pound on the starter with the palm of my hand to get the ball seated. I'm sure the seating effort will get somewhat easier as the gun breaks in (I don't think this gun has been shot much), but my first impression of QLA is not favorable.
I don't like th QLA either and probably wouldn't buy one because of it.
A guy on another forum posted photos showing how he cut off the QLA section of an older TC inline rifle and then re-crowned the barrel all by himself.
That's an idea to consider.
Why keep the QLA if all it does is cause loading problems?
It's simple enough to get rid of and almost any gunsmith will do it.
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