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In our state folks with orchard/crops can file a 'Prevent Crop Damage form' with the State to get permission to get rid of critters, including deer, that are damaging their crops. The State sends an inspector to check out your property and see evidence of the damage done, then approves (on not) your request. We have a fruit orchard and sell the results at a farm market. Usually we can scare the deer with bottle rockets or other noise-makers. This year the climate has apparently made the deer more assertive in going after 'easy food'. Thus when a yearling would not leave our strawberry beds, it became "lunch", with the blessing of our D N R. We could keep our freezer full of these deer if we wanted to push the limits a bit, but in all fairness, we give up a lot of fruit to the wildlife...Except mercy for them.

Technically, the 22 caliber was not legal, but the intent was to scare...when the deer continued to feed, she put a round thru the ear, and that ended the destruction of her crops.
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