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Will Glock factory barrels shoot Lead Bullets? Yes and no some Glocks just like any other gun, some shoot lead just as well as a standard barrel gun. Others will start leading almost immediately. The polygonal barrel being designed to increase pressure only increases the problem with the wrong cast bullet, but as I said some Glocks no matter what bullet you use will lead. The main problem guys have with shooting lead is they do not understand that just like reloading it self, you need to understand casting and Lead bullets. I shoot lead in a factory Glock 22 in 40S&W, with no more leading than any other gun I shoot cast in, I cast a harder Bullet for my gun, and it works well for me. But this is my gun, others may not have the same results. If thinking of shooting Lead in a Glock, Read up on cast Bullets, start out like you would any other new load, light and work up, and watch for barrel leading. Leading is only part of the problem that needs attention with shooting lead bullets in a Glock or other Polygonal Barrel or unsupported barrel Gun.
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