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Random Shooter Training Drills...

I am personally disappointed that no one in the Century theater was armed, or if so, engaged the shooter! This happened in Colorado, not New York City, where by law, you must be sheep to feed the wolves. I worked in L.E. in Colorado when Columbine went down … not a good memory. This is why I am shocked that no cops off duty, or on, were there for such a big movie event. Colorado has a lot of CCW folks, and not one was in that big crowd, at this late night event, even for traveling to and from the theater at that time of night. Aurora is not a high crime everywhere, but some areas are so!

One man or woman in that crowded theater could have ended that shooting frenzy on Humanity by that evil man; just one, one who exercised the 2nd Amendment, which was written for such an event. Some folks would rather watch their children die, than carry that hated implement … the gun. If you stood your ground, saved so many lives, there would still be some folks who would try and do a Zimmerman on you if made any error at all, although you saved the many. Our country is becoming a dangerous place … even for those who would risk it all to save many, instead of being held up as one who defended his own; family, friends, countrymen, and the man in front of him.

You must be good to avoid the mistakes. Good in shooting and in judgment! Wisdom and skill comes with time. Someone who has shot for 25 years, but rarely so in a Real Training environment would not be as good as a new shooter who has! Target and sand bags are good for basics, but not the stuff for a high stress situation. A lot of good shooters without stress fold like a lawn chair in a hurricane under real life & death, street or war combat engagements. It takes time so start today! TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN


I have attached a training video I did, which is suggestions not set in stone. You will act as you train, if you can handle the stress of a real engagement vs. one that you know you will not be hurt. No knows how they handle that kind of stress until they are in it … and even those who handled it yesterday may fail tomorrow. Talk is cheap; either from you or me … only your actions will speak if you are caught in a tragedy such as this!

A mass random shooter will give you no options … escape, fight, or die…

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