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A story my father told me. He landed in France on D day with the only ordnance group that landed in the first couple of weeks. Luckily his experience with the landing was an easy one.
The story is in repairing and cleaning guns.
Piles of guns would come in from the field some in pieces some with blood on them. He told me about one M1 Grand that came back that bothered him so much that he could never get the memory out of his mind even after 50 years.
They would take the guns apart and throw the parts in a piles made up of each part. These would be dumped into a 55 gallon drum of boiling water with a screen wire basket.
They would then remove the basket from the water let them dry and quickly dump them in a barrel that was full of motor oil. Then dumped in a pile on a clean tarp. Barrels in one pile slides in another and on and on.
They would then set in a circle and put them back together picking up parts as needed. If the part was damaged it was discarded.
This might be why there are so many Frankenstein 1911’s and Grand’s out there.
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