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Originally Posted by JohnKSa
I think that if a person feels he must intervene in a situation like this using a typical CCW handgun, he should figure that realistically he's going to be a momentary distraction and hope that some people will be able to escape while the bad guy is killing him.
That might well be the outcome. My comment wasn't related to the decision to become involved.

Addendum: Above was written in a hurry.

I don't assume any typical CCW round is adequate for un-armored opponents. An entertaining life has taught me that if you don't disrupt the upper vertebrae/CNS, you ain't shutting anybody off. You may kill them and make them hurt enough to desire a truce and a trip to the hospital. This isn't going to make a dead-ender quit. Successful engagement of the upper vertebrae/CNS requires precision. We can plan for that and we can train for that.

Fortunately, dead-enders are infinitesimally small component of the criminal or criminally-insane population. Was this guy one? I'd say not, given that he surrendered when confronted by the fuzz. I kinda suspect that if one or two folks had given him a dose of his own medicine, inside that theater, he might have shot fewer people.

Of course there are no guarantees. Gunfights are a melee at best.
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