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From the movie "To Hell and Back" starring Audie Murphy

This thing's only got about four inches of armor. Oh, yeah?

Say, how thick do you think this G.I. Shirt is?

Tactical Vest, Body armor vs my tee shirt. Tactics with a CCW averaging 8 rounds. Two to COM, one to CC, two more to COM, one to CC, two to COM. Gun dry. Calculate a hit rate equivalent to that of the shooter, someone posted 17%, equals 1.36 hits and the rest misses. Those are daunting odds to think about. I think the posters who favored a mass rush from all sides as a viable tactic had the right idea. Another movie line "You may get him or you may get me but you can't get all of us, one of us will get you." The biggest issue is how many folks would rally to the cause and charge. That harkens to our heros on flight 93 who did rally and prevented that plane from hitting it's intended target.
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