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Iowa laws reguarding defense

I recently moved to Iowa and have been looking everywhere for laws reguarding home defense and cannot find much solid information. I have a crystal clear record, not even a speeding ticket. I also have a CCW license if it means anything reguarding my questions.

In the unfortunate event someone broke into my house in the middle of the night, Would it be legal for me to use lethal force? I know if the intruder saw me and ran out the door, there would be no reason to attempt to engage in such a thing, but lets say I was face to face with a bad guy in my home and he had a knife or gun of his own coming at me. I would obviously be in fear of loosing my life, so could I shoot the bad guy?

I just dont know what the laws are in Iowa and am hoping I will never be in such a position, but if it really hit the fan, what would legally happen? Hopfully someone can answer this for me incase some knucklehead kicks in my door while my family is sleeping some night
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