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Best honest 100 yard group?

What is HONESTLY your best 100 yard five shot group with an German or Yugo Capture K98 8mm Mauser in original condition with iron sights out to 100yards? I just want to hear from the Mauser clan on this one.

Here's mine: Yugo Capture K98, five shot groups.
At 25 they were all touching. 1-2" at 50. 3-3 1/2" at 100.
Note: I was at a firing range at the 100 yard bench. The rifle was rested in a Case Gaurd rifle rest. Not nearly as stable as a Caldwell Lead Sled, but pretty stable. My eyes are not what they used to be and 100 was very difficult to keep the front sight in the same general area for each shot.

P.S. Please dont give me the B.S. line that I've read in other forums; "I shot under an inch at 100 iron sights with mine".
If you can do that then you should be on the front lines fighting for America.
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