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Need help with 1939 Mauser 660

Hello all
I am a long time lurker at these wonderful forums. Never had a reason to chime in or ask any questions until now. I have a situation, and I could use some help.
around 2000-01 I had an older "gun buddy" I met at a gun range. He dealt in guns and we became friends. After I bought many rifles from him, he bacame ill and before he passed away He gave me this Mauser and said "I want you to have this Kid, Its gunna be worth alot someday. Do whatever you want with it." He knew I loved history.
He told me it was a 1939 steyr mauser K98, made in austria, for the germans.
He pointed out the stampings and cartouches, told me very little about it, and died shortly after.

I recently got my CPL, and now I am trying to clear out some of my old rifles to get a couple different carry pieces. I put the mauser up on a local gun board, and I was offered a nice Taurus .357 magnum in trade for the mauser.The gentleman seems very legit, he does not know too much about mausers, but loves the idea of a real german mauser in his collection.

By tadave79 at 2012-07-21

The mauser I have has all correct numbers except the bolt. Its serial number is 3562

On the bolt side there are 3 eagle with swastika stamps and WGA623 under them

On top of the reciever is 1939 above it a 660, and right above that is a 79

On the non bolt hadle side is the serial number 3562 with a eagle and swastika to the left and a "b" under the serial number

Bolt hadle side, the stock has 3 cartouches, with the eagle holding a swastika on the bottom most 2 and the WGA623 under, and the top most cartouch seems to have a letter under it.."L"?

The sights are a graduated slider type out to 18 (1800 meters?)

The buttplate is wierd as it wraps around the rifle, but it has the same serial numbers on it.

The sling mounts are odd as it has a mount for the side and under mounting options, The sling, I was told, is correct and original to the gun.

There are 2 "X's" carved in the stock from a very long time ago ( I am a former high end finish carpenter, I can tell these marks are nothing recent) Possibly Kills?

I was just cleaning it and took pics of it with a strait bolt that has a moon on it (islamic mauser) that is how I got it. I purchased a (soppossed) german bent bolt for the gun, but did not picture it with it as I was just cleaning it.

By tadave79 at 2012-07-21

By tadave79 at 2012-07-21

By tadave79 at 2012-07-21

By tadave79 at 2012-07-21

By tadave79 at 2012-07-21

I did a search and found some of these 660 rifle going for as much as $3000!! even missing the correct bolt?!?! I am just asking if anyone can help, before I make a huge mistake, or is the deal to trade is fair? Should I try to sell the gun outright?

I sincerely appreciate any and all insight as to what the value of this rifle could be. I will not go into too much detail, but times are tough, and if I could buy new handguns now, I would, but I really cant afford that now.

Thank you in advance!
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