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We don't know - psych. hat on. Some of these guys want to go out in a suicide by cop. They regard it as a 'warrior's death. Before the incident, they engage in vicarious reinforcement of fantasizing the pain they cause. They saw the parents and friends weep at Columbine or VT.

But, some want to actually see the pain. They made their point. They will talk at trial about why. Seeing the victims and relatives at trial will juice them up.

Thus, saying the cops got him because he was a coward or this or that, is our projection.

We don't know yet and it will take professionals to figure it. Someone who says this or that about his thought processes or motivations really are just spouting hot air. Psych. folks on the tube saying this is true or whatever, has compared to general findings are close to being unethical.

However, we are wandering from armor. I did need to correct.

Since I seen to be mod point on this - back to armor tactics or we close.

We are still deciding about how to discuss the issue and control the BS.

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