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I went ahead and bought another box of Cor Bon 115gr +P 9mm. I'll look into some of the others soon, but I figured this is a great round so I'll stick with it for awhile. I took the Sig P220 and my new Kahr CM9 down for a little quick-range-time on the way home from work. The Sig, of course ate up everything I threw at it. I had in one 10 round magazine some Glasers that were probably 20 years old, some Winchester Ranger T's, and some FMJ's of different brands. Never even flinched...just ate it all up. What was really great, is that the CM9 shot a few Cor Bon 115's that I had from a previous box, along with some HydroShoks and an assortment of cheap FMJ's. It didn't have a hiccup as well.
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