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size issue

This is about an issue ive had over the last 2 weeks reloading .38 rounds. I was loading 158 gr tumble lube rn bullets cast from a 6 hole mold which is the third such mold ive had after sending it back twice due to out of round issues which Lee replaced for free both times. Every few rounds my crimp die would push the bullets down into the case farther after theyd beeen seated. so far theyve all shot fine that way but its just not correct to me to seat bullets deeper than called for. I emailed Lee describing the situation and asking if they knew of any suggestions i might try to correct the problem. This happened on saturday. The following thursday i recieved a new crimp sleave Lee had sent me in the mail for free. I installed the new sleave, and had the same problem. By this time the die had been dismantled and cleaned 3 or 4 times including the sleave so i took an old lswc i had left over from a different batch someone gave to me and found that it would pass all the way through the crimp sleave pushed with my fingers. it measured .358 with dial calipers. This was then cross examined with one of my bullets which could not be passed through the sleave, and measured .359 some were .360. Ive cast with this mold before and its made good bullets up until recently leading me to believe it might be dirty. Assuming things can happen while casting means it is not guaranteed all your bullets will come out perfect I decided to order a new single stage and a sizer. Then I had to use kinetic bullet puller on 50 rounds. Probably wouldve shot okay i believe, they have all along but it cant be great for a gun and probably harder on the dies i assume. hopefully thisll help solve the headache.
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