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Exactly as Glenn aptly put it! Ideal conditions, no lead flying back at you, in daylight, no acrid unidentified smoke affecting your vision. How many folks include night training in their repertoire especially under those conditions. I confess I do not. Rolling out of bed at night does not even come close. I might agree with the poster who stated "hunker down" and if he provides you with a clear opportunity to exploit his weakness then perhaps take a chance. Even then it would be an iffy proposition at best. I am not ashamed to say I would more than likely agree with the other poster who said it would be a strong consideration to crawl out on my stomach like the other folks who survived. Think about the facts folks, he is protected in all the areas we normally look to go at. I have yet to see any information on how extensive a helmet he was wearing. If he was as thorough as he seemed I am willing to bet he took shots to his ears off the table. The probability of finding the soft spot between his throat protection and his helmet would be remote. He was wearing tactical boots so the most popular carry round, 9mm, might or might not penetrate. .380, .32, and .22 have almost no chance at all. This guy was a walking tank, in the dark. From all accounts it was a nightmarish situation.
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