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People do shoot lead down glock barrels but there is no way to say that it will always be safe, as long as everything else is done correctly reloading wise. You can try it and find out or you can buy other kinds of bullets.

Plated bullets are usually the cheapest option above lead, like Berrys. They can be has as cheap as just over $100 for 1000. Shooting lighter weight bullets like 185s will save you a few bucks over 230s. But if your gun is fixed sight that might make little sense. I only recommend round nose for Berrys because lots of guns have problems with their SWC, HP and FP bullets.

Some people can buy jacketed bullets by Zero for little over plated but you have to order 2-3k at a time, but there is no functional advantage for jacketed at 45acp velocities.
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