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If you recall the North Hollywood shootout, you might reconsider your plan to knock them on their butts. They absorbed about 50 hits.

Also, while you are standing up and shooting repeated ineffective shots - guess who kills YOU.

Today, I shot with national level champions and skilled veteran military. They said the best is to hunker down, hit the deck - if he comes close to you, perhaps shoot.

However, all these - I will shoot a stream of 2 COM and a head shot till I run out of ammo, is just posturing.

Yep, today - I made two very tight double tap head shots on two targets close in to a no-shoot. This was in daylight, behind cover (match coveer). Some people nailed the no-shoot. It wasn't dark, tear gased and with moving people, enemy - all over.

Don't posture.

PS - police 5.7 is not civilian 5.7
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