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FN 5.7

While I don't claim to be an expert by any means I can speak about what I have expirienced first hand. I have taken a couple training classes at a local range. The classes are taught by certified police instructors. In one of these classes we used a wood stand to hold a standard Police isssue vest.(standard for this area at least)I don't know it's rating but do know that it had no trauma plates in it. The instructor then proceeded to shoot the vest with a .22 thru 12 guage. It effectively stopped every round EXCEPT the Five-Seven and .223. The 5,7 round was a basic green tip 5.7x28 from FN. The 5.7 burned through both sides of the vest like it wasn't there. The vest stopped the 12 guage but I sure wouldn't want to have been wearing it when that slug hit!! OUCH!

p.s. It was a standard off the shelf box of 5.7's that they sold in their store.

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