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Sig P226 - Watch this video and HELP !!!!!

This is a shooting demonstration of the Sig Sauer P226, and, unfortunately, also a look at the issues this pistol has been having. Fail to feeds, and front sight is off. I know the Sig P226 is a great pistol. My friend, who loaned me this pistol, and I, are trying to get to the bottom of why he keeps having problems with this P226

Here is the video. I welcome, no, covet, all comments and suggestions about what you think is going on. I bought my son this pistol for his 21st birthday and it has been nothing but a total PITA since then.

It malfunctions, frequently, with cheap bulk and more expensive ammo. It works great through several magazines, but then goes bat crap crazy with other magazines. I never have this problem with my Beretta or HK, not to mention my Glocks.

OK, here's the video:

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