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I went to about 4 gun stores today, and everyone was talking about this attack. To no surprise, everyone said they could have taken him down with one well placed shot to the head. Even though I explained to them the amount of protection he had, the AR rifle, the shotgun, the two Glocks, and the gas he used, everyone still said the could have taken him down no problem.

This may just be me, and I have never had training like some of the fellows at the stores had, but I refuse to believe this guy could have been taken down with only one shot to the head. This guy was, for all intents and purposes, bulletproof and he had almost ever advantage in his favor.

I just do not see how one guy with a pistol, be it .380 or .500 magnum, could have done much to this guy before they themselves were taken down by one of his many guns.
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