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Hornady New Dimension die fix

I love the elliptical expander ball on Hornady New Dimension FL sizing dies. I don't like the slippage of the stem through the friction style lock nut. If you're interested in solving this problem, here's how I fixed it. Large caliber dies use a 0.218" - 0.220" diameter smooth stem for the expander nipple. Using a 1/4"x28 NF die, thread the stem down to within 1/2" of the nipple. Then, cut the inside of the stem lock nut with a 1/4"x28 NF tap STARTING FROM THE COMPRESSION END! Tap as deep as your tap will go. The die threads will be flat-topped as the stem is not 0.250" diameter. Now you can screw your stem into the compression nut, set the depth you want for decapping/expanding with only very light tightening of the stem nut and you'll never have stem slippage again! The small caliber dies use a 0.180" - 0.185" stem so a 3/16" tap and die pair will work for them. Hope this helps keep those New Dimension dies working easily! (You may prefer NC instead of NF threads...I had the NF tap and dies on hand, so I used them. The NC may be just fine, too, for this modification.)
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