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Anyone DIY a plastic holster besides Kydex?

I'm planning a DIY IWB crossdraw, as there doesn't seem to be an affordable alternative from any of the makers I've checked. There are a couple I've found that either don't have enough cant, or are too bulky, or have a less than durable attachment setup.

I've ordered the bits and pieces, and there are lots of videos on Youtube showing how it's done; however, I am curious if anyone has used different thermoplastics- such as used in making splints. The stuff is thicker, has excellent drape, and is heated in water then applied with no press or vacuum or anything. In several minutes, it's good to go. But it's a bit more expensive, and the feel is different. Because it's thicker, it doesn't seem to have the "snap" that Kydex does. But being designed to place against the skin, it's quite comfortable.

Anyone tried this already and have some tips, pointers or advice?

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