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What sweet little Shell'sButt does not know is that her dear old Dad has his eye on two potential rifles for her: one is a stainless Ruger in .35 Wheelen, the other is a less costly Savage in .30-06. Either will suffice I think.

Dad on the other hand, is looking for a P-17 enfield so he can open it up to a magnum bolt face, and rechamber to .458 Win. with a target weight of around 8lbs., and barrel length of 20". It will NEVER be fired from a bench without a lead sled, but it should handle anything toothy & mean. This gun will revel in being tractor axle ugly, and under it's intended purpose will feel positively recoil free.
You'll probably never NEED a gun. I hope you never do. But IF you do, you will need it worse than anything you've ever needed in your life.

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