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What Style Hunting situation do you choose?

As I have grown older, and relocated around the USA, I find that that my preferences for hunting have changed as well.

For years i lived in the Mojave Desert area of SoCal. My hunting there was mainly small critters taken on walking exercises not far from home. Then as the no-shooting rules expanded beyond my walking distances, I would head out into the empty lands near Ft irwin to do the same sort of rabbit/coyote shooting. For Deer I would pay the out of state price for a Utah Mule deer about once every other year (when I could afford it.)

Skip over to modern times, Here we are in Indiana. I use a blind and a 12 gauge slug for Whitetail, and 22's for the little critters around the house.

Last year we did our first pig hunt in central Texas. We had a good time and got 5 hogs to bring home for Pork. BUT, the accomdations were pretty primitive and the place charged us fees for every little thing, making the total cost pretty steep, while having us sleep in Home-Depot style tool sheds and leaving us unaccompanied in the blinds each day and night.. Total cost for 3 guys was $3000 including gas and motels to and from.

This year wife got a doe in her garden with a 22 short. She now has the fever and will be ready and better armed for the coming deer season. We will do another hog hunt this Fall. This time we are using a Missouri ranch with full-time guides who really help you get what you are looking for in the hog herds. In addition we will get an Axis deer as part of a herd-culling operation. since I am losing movement in my legs, I will make use of the 'limited mobility' services and hunt from a 4x4 and rail-brace. Not as much fun as chasing thru the bushes, but it works for us.

Our deer season in Indiana will find us in a patch of about 200 acres of forest across the street from our home, in woods that we know house a number of whitetails. No treestands for us, but a blind may be in order and wait'em out is my style...while she chases hers down .

So what are your preferences? Stalk'em, run'em down, TreeStands? Free land or pay to hunt? How many of you hunters make use of the game ranches or semi-closed areas on "Pay for Hunting"?? Not much open land here in Indiana for hunting without owners permission, but it can be found here and there.

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