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Without commenting on the officer doing the shooting, I think it's important to acknowledge a few things.

1. We don't know how we will/would react in actual combat.

2. Suppressive fire, keeping the enemy(s) head down to maneuver to a better position, is standard Army doctrine.

3. The enemy may be on drugs or something that makes him super strong.

I was a fighter pilot in Vietnam. Lots of AAA firing at me while I was on dive bomb passes. I learned pretty early that I could take another second or two to get the sight picture right and score a good hit. When I didn't get the sight picture right, I had to go in again to face the same AAA. Doing it twice (or more) exposed me for more time than if I did it right the first time.

Now dive bombing is not a close encounter like the officer had. But there are parallels. I don't fault him. I'm just saying if you can keep your wits about you, you have time to shoot well so long as you have an opponent who is a bit shaken and doesn't keep his wits about him.

So the officer may have used the correct suppressive shooting. He may not have. We have no way other than guessing to know.
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