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I'll keep everyone advised...

OK, TFL'ers...'ten-hut!

Here's the drill for this Saturday, 17Mar2001:

Meet at the Goodman show at the Nashville fairgrounds; it will be in one of two buildings to the north of the racetrack. Look for the covered 'Gun Show' booth to buy your entrance ticket [$6].

I'll be there at opening, 0900, and will rendezvous with the rest of you at the snack bar at 0930; I/we will be meeting others at the O'Charley's [adjacent to the I-24 Expo Center where the Pope show is being held] for lunch at 1200.

I have other commitments starting at 1600; the show will close at 1700.

If you need directions or other advice, please e-mail me.

See my post in the 'BST-Handguns' for what I'll be offering [yep, TFL'ers get a discount ]; I encourage you to add info on anything you have or want.

Looking forward to a good turnout on Saturday...see you there!
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