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I took my gf shooting for the first time a few months ago. I had only been shooting a fair amount a few months myself, but I had done a lot of shooting during that time. We did a lot of talking before we even got to the range (mainly about safety). Once we got there, I reinforced what we had talked about. I got out the pistol she intended to shoot and showed her how to operate it, how to align the sights, how to load it, and did a little dry fire practice. Once she was completely comfortable with it I let her load it and she took her first shot. We enjoyed shooting that day, but probably only because of the discussions before we went and the exercises we did before any ammo went near the pistol. She felt safe shooting with me due to the amount of prep and the level of safety precautions we took.

Take your buddy shooting. Do it! Do it only if you plan on having discussions about safety before you guys get to the range and then again before the firearm is loaded, though. Don't let egos get in the way and make safety the number one priority. If you do so, I imagine you guys will have a blast.
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